DST featuring Gabriele Mitelli – Kinetic

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DST featuring Gabriele Mitelli – Kinetic

Out on the circuit via Berlin’s Aut Records label on January 20th, 2k20 is “Kinetic“, the sophomore album piece by DST which is a conjunctional artistic moniker employed by Alberto Collodel and Simone Di Benedetto for joint musical ventures. This time teaming up with trumpet player Gabrielle Mitelli for a change who adds both tones by his instrument of choice as well as occasional electronic textures to the mix the eight tracks on this album are focusing on an ever evolving, oftentimes melancholia-infused variation of Jazz / Future Jazz defined by the sparse, yet touching opener “Phase Out” which paves the way for things to come like the beautiful, heartfelt Jazz Noir outing “S” which defo is a most welcome companion throughout cold, pensive winter nights. With “Still” the trio touches base with desolate Dark Ambient / Cold Ambient before turning towards intimate, inward looking Jazz again, “Struktur 1 – Trumpet Version” is on a well intense, buzzing tip in terms of free eruptive trumpet improvisation in conjunction with muffled non-vocalisms and other hard to identify textures whereas “Landscapes” presents a deep, stripped down take on what could be a high quality score for classic black and white flics shot at the beginning of the cinematic age. Furthermore “Rota” pairs a free floating improvisational bass groove with tender electronic textures and more Free Jazz vibes to a great effect , “Struktur 1 – Bass Clarinet Version” comes across way deeper and contained compared to the cuts alternate version despite featuring quite a fair share of eruptive improvisation, too, and the final cut “Lullaby For Barbin” sees the trio explore more of a high quality late night Bar Jazz approach for a closing which adds another level to their sonic spectrum. Defo a piece every genre connaisseur should check out for a reason.

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